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                Conferencing solutions for IP-based audio and visual collaboration


                Market Overview

                Conferencing services are essential for global business growth.  When travel budgets get squeezed in tight economic times, conferencing becomes the tool choice to make business happen.

                Enterprise-class Unified Communication (UC) solutions are sufficient within the enterprise VPN, but what about conferences with customers?  What about connecting locations or individuals around the globe? 

                These are the opportunities for hosted and cloud conferencing providers to offer collaboration services that facilitate global business communications.  Minutes of use will continue to grow for collaboration services based on audio, web, and video conferencing.  Providers need hosted conferencing platforms that can economically deliver VoIP audio conferencing, integrate with enterprise UC and productivity tools, overcome video interconnection challenges, while maximizing revenues from emerging cloud video collaboration opportunities.

                Radisys Solution

                Radisys is a leader in conferencing platforms and solutions for the Conferencing Service Providers (CSPs) and mobile operators.

                Radisys Media Resource Function (MRF) are the industry’s #1 choice for real-time IP audio and video conference mixing for CSPs looking to develop their own cloud or IMS conferencing service offerings.  For CSPs looking for complete solutions, Radisys also offers SIPware Reservationless Conferencing andSIPware Event Conferencing Applications, both pre-integrated with the Radisys MRF.

                All Radisys conferencing solutions are designed to offer economics, flexibility, and interoperability for carrier-scale multi-tenant service delivery in either hosted or cloud deployment models.


                Why Choose Radisys

                Radisys MRFs have been deployed by 8 of the top 10 CSPs, supporting millions of VoIP conferencing ports around the globe.  Radisys MRF offer industry–leading capacity, numerous differentiators such as H.264 HD 720p video mixing with voice quality enhancements, at a price-per-port substantially lower than TDM audio bridge or video MCU equivalents.

                When our MRFs are combined with SIPware, our service provider customers get a turnkey solution which can be customized to your requirements.  Web-based APIs, interoperability with leading web conferencing and productivity tools, flexible billing and OSS integration, and standards-based network integration, all combined with Radisys professional services and technical support, will ensure an economical, flexible, and differentiated conferencing platform solution.