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                Chrontel’s Video Convertor solutions


                Chrontel is a video interface convertor solutions provider, ncluding HDMI, DP, eDP, DVI, VGA, YpbPr, S-Video, CVBS, and LVDS. Main complications for PC computer, note book, Graphics card, All-In-One PC, IPC, car machine video system, iPad, Andriod tablet, set top box, display wall, security monitor products, cable, dongle station,and so on. They believe they have the broadest product line of visual interface semiconductor solutions for these markets. 


                Chrontel were founded in 1986 and have been developing mixed-signal semiconductor technology since then.


                Based in San Jose, California, Chrontel has over 100 employees at our main headquarters and a global network of sales offices and distributors worldwide. 


                Belows are Chrontel old products and new products briefing information.


                Input: 24-bit parallel


                Output: SDTV, HDTV, VGA, DVI, HDMI, LVDS


                Current Products: 


                CH7024 - TV-Out / VGA + LB Scaler


                CH7026 - TV-Out / VGA + FB Scaler


                CH7033 - HDMI / DVI + VGA + FB Scaler


                CH7034 - LVDS + VGA + FB Scaler


                CH7035 - HDMI / DVI + FB Scaler


                Input: SDVO


                Output: SDTV, HDTV, VGA, DVI, HDMI, LVDS


                Current Products:  


                CH7307 - DVI      CH7308 - LVDS         CH7313 - DVI/HDCP           CH7315 - HDMI    CH7319 - HDMIx2       


                CH7021 - VGA/SDTV          CH7317 - VGA     CH7318 - DVI/HDMI (Buffer)


                Input: DVO (12-b parallel)


                Output: SDTV, HDTV, VGA, DVI, LVDS


                Current Products:  


                CH7004/5/6/7 - SDTV        CH7009 - SDTV, DVI      CH7015 - HDTV CH7017/18 - LVDS + Scaler 


                CH7301 - DVI        CH7303 - VGA, HDTV, DVI CH7304/5 - LVDS


                New Product information:


                1. HDMI Adapter Products & Roadmap


                CH7101A HDMI to VGA +I2S                   


                CH7102A HDMI to BT656 I2C slave


                CH7103A HDMI to YPbPr


                CH7106A HDMI to VGA+YPbPr+S-Video+CVBS


                CH7107A HDMI to CVBS


                CH7108A HDMI to CVBS+S-Video


                CH7109A HDMI to BT656 I2C master


                CH7110A HDMI to DP


                CH7112A HDMI to HDMI+DP


                CH7113A HDMI to HDMI+VGA


                CH7115A HDMI to HDMI+I2S


                CH7117A HDMI to CVBS(HDMI support 720p)





                2.Display Port Adapter Products & Roadmap


                CH7511A DP 2Lanes to LVDS 2Ch up to 1920x1200


                CH7515A DP 4Lanes to LVDS 4Ch up to 2560x2048 w/3D


                CH7517A DP to VGA


                CH7525A DP to HDMI 4K2K



                3.LVDS Adapter Products & Roadmap


                CH7036A LVDS1Ch to LVDS 1Ch+HDMI+VGA w/Scaler


                CH7210A LVDS 2Ch to DP


                CH7212 A LVDS 2Ch to HDMI 


                4.Multiport Adapter Products & Roadmap


                CH6103A HDMI+DP to LVDS 2Ch+Scaler


                CH6109A HDMI+DP to HDMI+DP+VGA+Scaler