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                Intelligent Gateway

                Market Drivers
                Operators are being faced with their customer’s increasingly demand on data bandwidth on their 3G and 4G networks.   With the evolution of the Mobile networks to a flatter IP network with more virtualized machines and increasing use of small cells, this huge demand is pushing operators to look at additional, cost effective ways to intelligently grow their networks by improving ways to offload, Virtualized Network Element load balancing, and aggregate their traffic more cost effectively.
                Intelligent Gateway Solutions examples include:

                • Small Cell (HeNB) Gateway
                • Internet Offload Gateway

                The Radisys Solution:
                Radisys offers high performing 3GPP compliant, intelligent gateway solutions for 3G and 4G networks which provide the distribution of virtualized network elements, load balancing across physical resources, protocol & state awareness for data aggregation, increased security for small cells, and macro cell offload.   All these solutions can be delivered on a scalable, bladed platform integrating many functions onto one chassis.

                Small Cell technology is ramping up in the Mobile industry but also in the Enterprise, Military, Land and Sea transportation market segments.   The Small Cell technology is truly a valuable option to Macro Cells, due to lower costs of ownership, installation and maintenance of Macro Cell sites.  Because of the lower cost, ease of deployment and wide range of deployment options, the need for Small Cell and Small Cell Gateways are becoming extremely important to the operator.  
                As intelligence is moving more towards the edge, Small Cell Gateways are used to provide Iuh from HNB, Security, Traffic Aggregator, and provides additional edge services to the Small Cell.   For 4G Small Cell deployment, 3GPP standards doesn’t recommend Small Cell Gateway, but “Requires” it as it provides the Security and Aggregation point between the small cells and the MME/SGWY.

                 Why Choose Radisys:
                Radisys 3G & 4G Small Cell Gateway solution provides the TEM everything to build a small cell gateway for legacy 3G and LTE evolving networks including hardware, Trillium software stacks, security and Professional Services from conception through deployment.