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                IMS Service Delivery Solutions for VoLTE, RCS and Video VAS

                Market Drivers

                Mobile and IP broadband usage is skyrocketing, while operator revenues struggle to keep up.  Mobile operators and IP service providers are deploying IMS to deliver new revenue-generating services, which connect their subscribers in new, innovative ways.   Services such as VoLTE, RCS, or Personalized Value-Added Services (VAS) are all based on IMS, which depends on the Media Resource Function (MRF) to deliver real-time VoIP and video packet processing.  An MRF also provides IP-IP transcoding and transrating capabilities, for supporting interworking between smartphone or desktop devices using different codecs, connected through different access technologies such as VoLTE, WiFi, or wireline broadband.  For the best economics, IMS planners need versatile, multi-service MRF solutions that can be shared and reused across many IMS services.


                Radisys Solution

                Radisys Media Resource Function (MRF) is the industry’s #1 choice for real-time IP audio and video packet processing for IMS Service Delivery.    The Radisys MRF family is designed for mobile operators or service providers deploying IMS services that need a versatile multimedia MRF, or Telecom Equipment Manufacturers (TEMs) focused on an overall IMS service delivery solution offering for their service provider customers, but wish to partner with Radisys and benefit from our 10+ year history specializing in MRF products and technology. 

                Why Choose Radisys

                Radisys provides the largest range of MRF products in the industry, from software-only MRF for Telecom Cloud, to hardware MRF products with industry-leading capacity, reliability, and performance.  All our MRF products share standards-based IMS interfaces that facilitate rapid integration with IMS session controllers and application servers.  Our MRF products are field-proven, including our involvement with the world’s first VoLTE deployment.   Radisys MRF also overcome real-world interworking requirements, including transcoding between VoLTE and 3G endpoints using different codecs, or WebRTC to H.264 video devices.  When combined with our world-class technical support and professional services capabilities, Radisys has the products, expertise, and flexibility to deliver an MRF solution for your next IMS Service Delivery initiative.