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                Maximize Spectrum Utilization using Radisys Small Cell Solutions

                Market Overview:
                Users of smartphones and tablets are demanding more and more bandwidth to support their data demands along with uninterrupted coverage indoors and while on the go. To meet demand, operators must complement their 3G and LTE rollouts with Small Cell Deployments. Strategically placed small cells take the pressure off the macro network by providing traffic offload, coverage and capacity gains. The small cells emerging today had started as a solution for indoor coverage in the form of the residential and enterprise versions of small cells. These are rapidly evolving into outdoor picocells with open access.



                Adding capacity to congested areas

                LTE TDD opens up a new way of data offload and backhaul

                Managing offload mechanism

                Small cells provide coverage and improved capacity of the network. The existing Wi-FI networks offer operators a low-cost offload alternative for residential and enterprise domains

                Non-contiguous chunks of available spectrum Carrier Aggregation ensures carriers existing spectrum is efficiently aligned to deliver higher network throughput
                Mitigating radio interference Enhanced Inter-cell Interference Coordination (eICIC)
                Optimizing spectral efficiency Multiple Input and Multiple Output (MIMO)
                Management of the network cells Self optimizing neworks (SON) allow network to auto configure, monitor and optimize newly installed network cells and for faulty cells to be repairedv

                The Radisys Solution:

                As a leading provider of deployment proven, turnkey LTE and 3G small cells solutions, Radisys offers a comprehensive software package for LTE and HSPA small cells that encompasses latest standards for 3G, 4G and LTE advanced. The solution is built on the foundation of market-leading Trillium LTE 3G / HSPA+ protocol software and applications  with RRM, SON, OA&M, Timing integrated and optimized across market-leading silicon ecosystem. Our customers rely on the Radisys small cell software to address indoor coverage issues as well as for outdoor capacity add on.

                • Trillium TOTALeNodeB is our LTE small cells solution.
                • Trillium Femtotality is our 3G/ HSPA+ small cells solution.

                Why work with Radisys:
                Radisys is the only vendor with a scalable small cell software solution that supports deployments across different network deployment scenarios. 

                • Comprehensive Solution with RRM, SON, OAM and L2-L3 protocol stacks
                • Integrated and performance verified on leading small cell Si platforms
                • Deployment proven technology supporting HetNet evolution for FDD and TDD

                Faster Time to Market

                •  Higher level integration and optimization on SoC allows network equipment providers to focus on customizations for their unique deployment
                • Expert Professional Services & global technical support that takes from initial field trials to scaled deployments

                Reduced Costs

                • Extensive technical support for product upgrades & onsite / offsite consultation
                • Comprehensive and forward looking roadmap addressing LTE advanced feature set
                • Customizable training program & optional integration services

                Reduced Risk

                • Field hardened and deployment ready products
                • Comprehensive library supporting all network elements from eNodeB to HeNB GW to the EPC
                • Optimized performance meeting or exceeding network requirements
                • Platform-independent software with integrated support for all major operating systems