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                Lestina Bluetooth-Speaker Solution (MINI52ZAN+NPCA110P+NAU8223+CSR BT module)


                The Bluetooth Speaker Reference Solution uses Nuvoton ARM CortexTM M0 MCU MINI52ZAN for system control to work with NPCA110P, NAU8223 Digital Amplifier and CSR Bluetooth module. Through the key button to control the Bluetooth module for Play/Pause, Up/next, FF/REW and Bluetooth speaker phone function. This reference design solution can help customers to shorten their development time and speed up their end product to launch in the market.

                The Nuvoton MaxxAudio Audio DSP NPCA110P integrates Waves® MaxxAudio Digital Signal Processor (DSP) sound enhancement algorithms. These are proprietary, patented, psychoacoustic algorithms that compensate for the acoustic limitations of small CE devices. The MaxxAudio algorithms (Maxx Bass, Maxx Treble, Maxx 3D Stereo, Maxx EQ, Maxx Volume, Maxx Leveler, Maxx Dialog) enable reproduction of rich content, with a wide dynamic range and a full frequency range, on a limited speaker size audio system.





                1. Using Nuvoton MaxxAudio NPCA110P for enhancing Bass, 3D effect, Treble, Dialog to bring the best performance of speaker system
                2. Using Mini52ZAN for system control 
                3. Support Re-chargeable Li-ion battery 
                4. Audio stereo output:
                • Output Power: 3W x 2 (4Ω @ 5V 10% THD) or 1.26W X 2 (4Ω @3.7V 1% THD)
                • Using NAU8223 Digital-Amp

                     5.  Support Bluetooth audio: 

                • Using CSR BC5 ROM type BT module
                • Support Music Enhancement: SBC, MP3, AAC and Faststream decoder? 

                Aux Audio input: 

                • 3.5mm Analog Line In x1

                     6.  Button control

                • Vol Up
                • Vol Down
                • EQ Select
                • Power On/off
                • BT Pairing
                • Play Next
                • Play Previous or beginning of song
                • Play/Pause

                     7.  Auto select Aux audio source by connecting 3.5mm audio cable into Aux Input

                     8.  Support Speaker Phone feature


                Lestina Bluetooth Speaker Block Diagram: